23October, 2018
Hydrant system

Tan Son Nhat, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, with two runways in operation has the largest aircraft handling capacity in Vietnam. Aviation fuel, which is required in enormous quantity in this airport, is transported by oil tankers from domestic refineries to our jetty, then unloaded to our receiving facility. After settled and stored in the storage tank, fuel is pumped to the apron area, then brought to the aircraft. This system is called “Aviation Fuel Hydrant System” or simply “Hydrant System”, which enables into-plane fuel operation more effective. Most of the pipelines, which are extended more than 2,5km, are laid underground so as not to disrupt the road or runways passing over the ground.

There are including:

  • The fuel hydrant system consist of 6 undergroun chambers (VB1 and HP1-HP5) from which the later 5 chambers interconnect the two 14” feeder lines
  • VB1
  • HP1-HP5
  • 20 hydrant pit valves are conneted tp both 14” feeder lines
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