Tan Son Nhat petrol commercial joint stock company - TAPETCO

  • Transport of Jet Fuel

    Set-up of an activity to transport jet fuel by road from intermediate depots to the airport fuel facility and operations center used for its own product and eventually ... Read More

    Reception, storage, distribution and intoplane

    Provide the service of fuel storage, fuelling quality control and distribution jet fuel through an underground fuel hydrant system. Set-up of an intoplane activity for the handling of jet ... Read More


    a) Fuel facility - Plot 1 Plot 01 is the biggest plot with a surface area of ±13.900m². This plot is located airside at the military side of ... Read More

    Marketing of Aviation Fuel

    To supply the aviation fuel to customer needs Read More

  • Jet Fuel Testing

    TAPETCO invested extensively in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment to perform aviation fuel testing and quality controlling strictly following the requirements of JIG and IATA standards: - IATA Fuel ... Read More

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